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Written By Brian Sathinathan (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 19th, 2022

This document has listed some shortcuts and suggestions for a code editor which will help in the quick development of the site with the page builder.

The below example will help you to understand how and where these suggestions will add. So go through the documentation or watch the video at the end.

Step 1: You can modify or add the behavior of the site also by using the Javascript/Jquery editor. Click on the Configuration from the left panel. And open the editor of the javascript.

Step 2: Wrote the letter of the action and the editor will give the suggestion in the dropdown. For Example, Here I want to add the GET call for fetching some data from the DB. So I will write the Get into the editor and suggestions will display.

Select the suggestion and it will add the basic code to the editor.

You need to update the code as per your requirement and save the change at the end.

Available suggestions List:

Action Shortcut / Suggestion Description
GET  get call Add GET API call
POST  post call Add POST API call
Async block
Async Block
Add empty async block
For loop  For Loop
Add empty for loop block
Hiding the element
Hide Element
Add the JQuery code to hide the element by Id
Showing the Element
Show Element
Add the JQuery code to show the element by Id
Adding the attribute to any element Add Attributes
Add the JQuery code to add a new attribute to the element by Id
Removing the attribute to any element
Remove Attributes
Add the JQuery code to remove an attribute from the element by Id
Implement WebSocket WebSocket Call
Add the basic code for the WebSocket call
Finding the element and applying the CSS Find Element
Find the element by class name and apply the CSS properties
Checking whether the element has applied a class or not Hash Class
JQuery code to check whether an element has class or not
Adding a new class Add Class
Add JQuery code to add class to an element by Id
Removing a class Remove Class
Add JQuery code to remove the class from an element by Id
Selecting an element by the selector and finding the value Select Option
Add JQuery code to select any element by the selector and get the value
Finding the parent element by the selector Parent Element
Add JQuery code to find the parent element with selector and can able to add the CSS to that parent element
Finding and selecting a value from the array of objects and bind to the dropdown Fill Select
JQery will add simply add the data to the dropdown dynamically

Demo video of the using code editor shortcuts/suggestions

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