People Counting

Counting people of a video file

Written By Pete Sathianathan (Administrator)

Updated at January 12th, 2021

In this example we will be looking at a flow that counts people using a video file.

Step 1. 

Drag and drop the Inject node. Select the timestamp option on the payload menu.

Step 2.

 Drag and drop the python 3 function node, name it people counting. Write the code that counts people from a video file. It can be found on

Step 3.

Open a dropbox out flow and upload the video file in both file name and give a path to the local file name. Rename the flow to DropBox Upload and click on done.

Step 4.

Open a delay flow and set the action to delay each message and fixed delay. Set the time for 3 seconds and click done.

Step 5.

Connect all nodes and connect a console node at the end. Click on deploy and once it's successfully deployed click on the inject button of the inject (timestamp) node.


Step 6.

Click on the terminal on the bottom of the flow table and click on debug menu. It shows how many people the software counted using the video file. As you can see in this example total people count is 19.

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